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Working with clients - stages of development on application project:

The process of developing new software must always begin with an improved description of the task, during this process will be determined the requirements for a software product.
When creating a software, this is one of the most important stages, so as it will be described as a fully refined and very clearly defined requirements of the future developed software, its functions and estimated capacity for the most part depends on the quality and price of development. While defining the tasks will be clearly formulated purpose of developed software and will compiled a list of basic requirements for it.
In any case, the end of this stage of the task lies in the adoption of the project decisions and the conclude of requirements specification which is main object of fundamental requirements to develop software.
Development of application software of any type, usually involves creating a custom set of tools dialogue and interaction that occurs between the user and the computer, which is called - the interface.
Software interface - is part of a program that user have in his sight. The main objective of this phase involves the development of comfortable, with convenient interaction interface which will be accompanied with comfort and efficiency using of the software by end user.
The process of developing the program - represents a phased writing of source code (encoding) project on a specific programming language according to the statement task.
Debugging - is the process of identifying and eliminating errors. Gradually debugging ends at the moment when the software works correctly on several or different input rebounds.
After completion of the program debugging deployment project is proceeding its integration within the working environment of the customer into existing operational systems and business applications.
At this stage, before start use software after setup of the finished project, our specialists will train employee how to use developed for your company's software, they also will answer all questions about the software, and subsequently will provide the necessary technical support in case of unforeseen problems if any will be detected.

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