Frequently asked questions

Prescribe part of our domain DNS (if necessary their IP):
ns1.proxymo.net -
ns2.proxymo.net -
First of all you need to check that after hosting activation has been more than 3 hours. During this time, the hosting service can not be fully customized, and it shows this error page. Moreover, such a situation can occur if you change the list of domains hosting web hosting control panel - again - you just need to know how to wait.
When entering the file menezhder (control panel site - file manager), or when connecting to FTP-server the user is in the directory that contains the following folders:
web - folder for placing html-file, php-scripts, images and other things that will be available on your site.
cgi-bin - directory for storing browser (example the perl language). 
ssl - ssl encryption keys
tmp - directory for temporary files that creates a web server.
log - Events of your site (errors, inputs, etc.)
You need to delete the index.html file in the parent directory. This file is created automatically when you create an account.
Yes, you can always change your tariff plan. It is free.
Use following domain template: http://www.your_domain/webmail Remember that after authentication is necessary to enter the full name of the mailbox, for example, login@your_domain.
To log in to your hosting control panel you need to follow the link: http://host.proxymo.net
You can pay for our services using the payment systems Paypal, WebMoney.
It's nothing. We have no additional hidden fees.